We make purchasing easy with our many Rent-to-Own payment options. Our one month payment gets it program with no deposits is available on select wood units, as well as our popular first and last month payment plan with no deposits and no credit checks on select wood units. Never be concerned about affordability at Wildcat Barns we are here to help. Call us at 606-231-7949

How Rent-To-Own Works


Wow just your first months payment required now on select wood buildings. Also first and last months payment on select wood buildings. Exciting News Rent To own is now available on Square Pole Garages and Carports, contact Wildcat Barns for exact rent to own payment requirements. Playgrounds & Playhouses 10% down plus your first months rent before delivery. For Log Cabins the requirement start at 10% down and is only available in KY, Parts of OH, WV, TN & VA. Rent to own for the round pole carport is 25% down plus your first payment before delivers After the Rental Agreement is fullfield you own the product free and clear. If for any reason you should decide that you just dont want your Barn, Carport, Playground, etc. any longer simply give us a call, we will come and get it no questions asked, and your credit is not effected. For any more questions regarding the Rent To Own program give Wildcat Barns a Call.

We also have a zero down finance plan available for customers with good credit, if you have great credit then receive a better interest rate.




                                                 Other Rent to Own Specials


For all 12x36 and below all you need is one single monthly payment to get one with absolutely no deposits required for the 3 year program. We also offer a 5 year program and all you need is the first and last months payment still no deposits required. We also offer 14 foot wide buildings on Rent to own please call us for requirement details please call us. 606-231-7949


                                           For Metal Carports and Garages:


We Have a couple of different very small down payment and no deposit requirements please call us for more details. 606-231-7949



                                         For Playhouses, Playsets, Gazebos:


For the Playhouses, Playsets and Gazebos the requirements is 10% Down plus your first monthly payment, still no deposits required.



Rent to Own programs and its conditions might change without notice. Please contact Wildcat Barns for all todays specials.

Rent-To-Own is available on everything Wildcat Barns delivers.

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